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Q: Tell me about began in 1985 as a bulletin board service (BBS) on the Commodore 64 computer. It evolved over the years through many iterations, the most popular of these known as The Castle BBS in Pacifica, California, where Christopher once resided. There is another domain used by a windows app developer, which has nothing to do with this site, in fact, there is no mention of the word StarLord anywhere on their website, so no idea why they are still holding on to the domain. I’ve been asking them nicely to turn it over to me though last time I asked they didn’t want to 

Q: What can I find in this website?

Mostly it’s me babbling at random, along with links to my music and art. Buried elsewhere are creative writings like poems or song lyrics, along with philosophical posts on a variety of topics that are of interest to me (and for some reason think others want to read it!) The content ranges from very light G-rated stuff to X-rated stuff, so viewer make note. I touch on mystical topics, spirituality, sex, religion, tech, gadgets, cars, travel, drink, food, though generally not politics. In the interest of clear communication I’ve linked certain words to other articles or definitions in-line with my intended meaning… This may make the page a bit messy looking, though will help educate anyone seeking further reference 

Q: Why StarLord?

I’ve used the name “StarLord” in reference to computer forums, music/band recordings, sportscar rallys, even broadcasting. There’s been a few attempts to change my name to other things, alas, I’ve always come back to using the name “StarLord” wherever gamer tags or friendly names are allowed, even though there is some confusion created by other fans, people, or things who also want to use the word StarLord, such as the obscure Marvel comic character Peter Quill who was mostly unknown until the recent movie Guardians of the Galaxy gave him a few cameos. I’ve read most of the StarLord comics out there, though seriously, I was using the name way before I ever heard of the character.

Q: So, I hear you’re a musician, what do you play?

For music, I play diverse genres using computers and keyboards, blending ancient global traditions with futuristic trance and techno. You can read more about that on my bio page.

Q: You’re also an artist of sorts, what medias?

Traditional art (like watercolor, chalk, acrylic paint, pencil, ink) and Digital art, including virtual world building, 3D renders, 2D drawings, and textures.

I’m also quite good at restoring old antique photos, have done some photo manipulation. I have a page on deviant art that has some of the earlier stuff. There’s also two YouTube channels with some Mini Cooper videos, animations and things I’ve shared with the world.

Q: Virtual world building?

Yes, there are some of my 3D objects here for download, you can use them in Linden Lab‘s Second Life though you will find me in the noncommercial hypergrid metaverse at places like  the OpenSimulator based OSgrid, NeverworldGrid, et al.  I like to build in primitive 3D objects, though if I had the time and resources I’d dive into meshes and more present-day modeling like Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, Blender, etc.

Q: I think I may have seen some of your stuff on SoundCloud (under the name ‘chrcal’) as well other sites.

I used to blog and post some songs on other sites, but all of it is more or less here now. You may find snippets of me elsewhere on the net, sure, but those are quite dated or may even be copies of my work, or someone else’s work entirely — unfortunately for me, there are other StarLords out there!

Q: Do you update this site very often?

Not as much as I used to, however, when I do updates, they are usually pretty major. Other than that, I post to the usual culprits sometimes like facebook or instagram, and do pics and reviews as a Local Guide for Google Maps.

Q: Some of your pictures have you making beer. Are you a homebrewer?

Yep. I make beer, really good beer, in fact. Want some? 

Q: Can I contact you? What if I totally love or hate something on the site? 

Any questions or comments, please feel free to ping me via the contact page on this site, it will be emailed directly to me, and thanks for visiting!